NEWMAC Current Student-Athlete Spotlight - Logan Gaudette, WPI

NEWMAC Current Student-Athlete Spotlight - Logan Gaudette, WPI

Logan Gaudette, WPI

Class: Senior
Sport: Cross Country, Track & Field
Event: Distance (3k/5k/10k)
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Mechanical Engineering

What made you choose WPI? 
WPI offered a strong engineering program with a focus on project based learning that really appealed to me. There was also a strong sense of community on all of my tours and campus visits that helped WPI to feel like home.

What is your most memorable moment as a NEWMAC student-athlete?  
My favorite moment as a NEWMAC student-athlete would have to be either the NEWMAC track and field championship my freshmen year or the NEWMAC cross country championship my junior year. At both meets I felt the whole team really came together to compete which made  for a great atmosphere. At the NEWMAC track and field championship I ran an event that I had never run before which taught me a lot about not letting expectations get the best of you. At the NEWMAC cross country championship the whole team grew mustaches which taught me a lot about what not to do in terms of facial hair.

What do you enjoy most about being a Division III Student-Athlete?
The appeal of being a Division III Student Athlete to me is the idea of balancing academics and athletics. My coach has always made it clear to us that he understands the importance of academics and helps us to pursue our academic goals as well as our athletic ones.

Do you have a favorite event or matchup with a fellow NEWMAC institution that you always look forward to every year? 
Coast Guard is a school that I always love to compete with. Their athletes are talented and mentally tough, but also great sports. It's clear how much they enjoy the sport and respect their competition. One year WPI had the only relay team entered in a race and the whole Coast Guard team stood around the track to help us cheer for them which was really cool to see.

Can you give us a brief description of your major and why you chose it?
Biomedical Engineering focuses on building devices to solve problems in the human body. What interests me about engineering in general is the problem solving mindset that it requires. Every problem requires more than a technical knowledge of the subject, you often need to think creatively and often work with others who have different expertise to come to a solution. Biomedical engineering sticks out to me because the human body has always seemed both fascinating and incredibly complex to me. I've found that problems with the human body are rarely as easy to fix as they seem, which adds to the intrigue for me.

Do you have any future plans you want to share?
This past summer I had an internship at a biomaterials company call BioSurfaces in Ashland, Massachusetts. It was a great experience where I got to work with some awesome people while doing really interesting research. Next year I hope to begin my masters degree in biomedical engineering.

Are you apart of any groups/clubs on campus you would want to share with us?
I am an officer in the engineering honors society and the biomedical engineering honors society on campus. Being part of these societies gives me the chance to meet more driven individuals in my field and learn from them. I am also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee at WPI which I enjoy because it gives me an inside look at how athletics is run at WPI and all the work that goes into it.

Any additional information you would want to share with us to release to our viewers? Hidden talents, fun fact, favorite TV show, favorite music before a game etc...
I am a big Taylor Swift fan, the reigning track and field team champ in MarioKart and I could probably go the rest of my life speaking only in references to The Simpsons.